Our culture is important to us. That is why we review our internal values and culture every month through our culture board.

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The purpose of the culture board is to explore, define and strengthen the company culture.

The board's responsibility is to evaluate the company values, and make sure they are maintained or evaluated. They also make sure the company is an inclusive workplace - ensuring diversity. It is an open forum - meaning all employees, disregarding seniority and rank can participate and voice opinions or suggestions (suggesting initiatives). The board will also evaluate what is important to have in the office space (decorations, ease of life, events etc)

How is our values reflected internally in the company?

The culture board is tasked with comparing our written values with whats actually happening inside the company. In that way we try to ensure that what we say and how we act is aligned.

    How we work

  • Story rules

  • In every project, the story and the emotional core is at the center

  • Technology drives

  • In every project, technology drives the production and consumer cost down and keep the experience fresh

  • Lifelong learning

  • In every project, our aim is to keep learning and keep getting better

  • Creatives need sleep too

  • in every project, we set ambitious challenges with healthy goals

  • Progress through partnerships

  • In every project, we utilize our valued partnerships. They bring the expertise that we transform into stories.