We are excited to announce that Eddaheim has recieved an Epic MegaGrant.

The MegaGrant will be used to support our development of Neon Knights: Humanity Erased.

We are thrilled to announce that Eddaheim have received an Epic MegaGrant from Epic Games. The Epic MegaGrant will be used to support the continued development of Neon Knights: Humanity Erased and will aid in the production of a proof of concept to help attract potential investors and publishers.

Combining a narrative-focused cinematographic experience with tense gameplay, Neon Knights: Humanity Erased is a psychological noir and the studio’s first major project.

"Receiving the Epic MegaGrant at this stage of development is a boost to our team and a show of faith in Neon Knights: Humanity Erased," said Creative Director and co-founder of Eddaheim, Mark Iversen. “We feel honored that Epic Games would show us this support, as most of our team uses Unreal Engine daily.”

Launched in 2019, Epic MegaGrants is a $100 million program that continues to accelerate the work of talented game developers, enterprise professionals, media and entertainment creators, students, educators, and tool developers doing outstanding work with Unreal Engine or enhancing open-source capabilities for the 3D graphics community.

"It’s nothing short of incredible to be acknowledged by an industry legend like Epic Games. The Epic MegaGrant will go towards strengthening our flagship title Neon Knights: Humanity Erased and allows us to invest more in technology and, most importantly, our team," said Managing Director and Co-founder of Eddaheim, William W. Elung-Jensen.

About Eddaheim

Eddaheim is a collective of storytellers and developers creating breathtaking experiences powered by new technologies. We are the home of stories. Eddaheim was founded in 2019 by three film school students and has since grown to a team of over 25 employees. Eddaheim uses an innovative approach to technology in game development. In our production, we use Unreal Engine 4, Rokoko Motion capture, Face Ware’s facial capture technology, and Rigsters 3D to scan all the actors.

Neon Knights: Humanity Erased

Neon Knights: Humanity Erased is a narrative-focused psychological noir set in a frozen Copenhagen in the year 2079. The story follows Nik Gates, played by Lars Mikkelsen, a digital exorcist belonging to a secretive order called the Transenders. Behind The Wall of Copenhagen, its citizens are digitizing their consciousnesses and uploading them to the cloud at death. But like any other data, the human spirit is vulnerable to corruption. And should your new eternal life suffer enough corruption, you transform into a monstrous replica of your former self - A Holo. And the Transenders will find and erase you. The first cinematic was created with Unreal Engine 4, Rokoko motion capture, Dynamixyz facial capture technology, and a digital copy of Lars Mikkelsen, 3D scanned by Rigsters 3D.