Eddaheim is now hiring a Game Designer

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Eddaheim is looking for an experienced Game Designer with leadership skills interested in working on a game with a strong narrative focus and a high production value. We are an ambitious new studio that is looking for someone willing to add to our culture and grow the company.

About Eddaheim

Eddaheim is developing Neon Knights: Humanity Erased; a cyber nordic noir game set in a frozen Copenhagen in the year 2079. The story follows Nik Gates, played by Lars Mikkelsen - A digital exorcist belonging to a secretive order called the Transenders. Behind the Wall of Copenhagen, its citizens are digitizing their consciousnesses and uploading them to the cloud at death. But as with any other data, the human spirit is vulnerable to corruption. And should your new eternal life suffer enough corruption, you transform into a monstrous replica of your former self - A Holo. And the Transenders will find and erase you.

As a Game Designer at Eddaheim your job will be to solve design problems and to collaborate with programmers, artists, animators and other designers to manifest your creative solutions in the game.

Eddaheim is a medium sized company with an agile workflow which means a lot of opportunities to set your own fingerprint on our game while working with a broad team of highly talented developers across multiple disciplines.

We are a diverse workplace and encourage people of all ethnicities, genders and beliefs to apply.

We are currently working on offering equity options.

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