The Home of Stories

Eddaheim is growing fast into a Nordic powerhouse for digital entertainment.

We are Copenhagen based artists and tech geeks with hearts beating for stories. And we harness Unreal Engine, full performance capture and virtual production to empower them.

We are developing our first flagship game Neon Knights: Humanity Erased. A tense and grounded psychological noir that blends cinematic storytelling with tense gameplay.


It all started with

The seeds of Eddaheim was sown in the summer of 2020. Three Film School students had a vision of what Copenhagen would look like in a dystopian cyber noir setting.

Neon Knights started as a cinematic benchmark proving our technology and performance pipeline. The graduation project resulted in our first digital copy of Lars Mikkelsen, and a demonstration of our capabilities. We leveraged the real-time film to secure financing through the Danish Film Institute and the first prototype of our game in 2021.


Our vision

We want to leave lasting impressions on the world and the people our stories touch.

We empower storytellers by encouraging creative solutions and daring uses of technology. We exist to bring stories to life and share them with the world. Eddaheim will be synonymous with great digital experiences and push the envelope of both storytelling and tech.


Everyone is a storyteller.

We strive to bring out the best in people and create a community inside our offices and with our audience.

We fight to ensure our values and culture lives up to that ambition. Thats why we revise and evalute our practices every month through an internal culture board.


Neon Knights: Humanity Erased

Neon Knights is Blade Runner meets Silent Hill.

It's a psychological noir that blends a cinematic narrative with tense gameplay. The story is set in a frozen Copenhagen in the year 2079 and follows Nik Gates, played by Lars Mikkelsen. Nik is a digital exorcist forced deep into a conspiracy that festers in the corrupt roots of Copenhagen. But when a young hacker takes up residence in his mind by mistakes, they must both confront all their beliefs about what it means to be human.


Behind The Wall of Copenhagen

The citizens are digitizing their consciousnesses and uploading them to the cloud at death. But as any other data, the human spirit is vulnerable to corruption. And should your new eternal life suffer enough corruption, you transform into a monstrous replica of your former self - A Holo. If that happens the Transenders will find and erase you.


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Managing Director: William W. Elung-Jensen

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